Modern infrastructure for companies

The Complex of Incubators of the Poznan Science and Technology Park (PPNT) is a complex with offices and laboratories created for the needs of developing technology companies.

One location offers research infrastructure and laboratories with a convenient office space and conference rooms. The building is surrounded by greenery and provided with spacious and free of charge parking. For employees who combine professional and family life, the kindergarten within the Park’s area is especially important.

With the location at ul. Rubież 46 in Poznań chosen for the seat of your company, you can take advantage of:

  • lease of laboratories and offices at preferential rates,
  • access to research equipment (short- and long-term lease),
  • IT and DataCenter services,
  • amenities: parking, snack bar, kindergarten,

For more information please contact us:
phone: + 48 61 622 69 02

Our offer is dedicated to companies based in the city of Poznan, which run in the sector of high technologies.

We lease laboratories, offices with research equipment, conference rooms and storage space at competitive rates.

We can stand out due to our flexible approach to every customer and the unique work atmosphere.

The Complex of Incubators offers the following laboratories which:

  • cover a surface area of 30 m2 and 50 m2,
  • are furnished, equipped with fume hoods, industrial gases and research equipment,
  • are designed for chemical, biotechnological, biological, genetic and related research.

Our unique offer includes the so-called general access laboratories, i.e. equipped laboratories in which high-class, specialised research equipment for companies is provided.
In addition, modern conference rooms for lease are available as well. Our offer includes:

  • two small rooms for meetings and training in a narrow circle, with an area of 17.4 m2 (up to 10 people),
  • conference room with an area of 102 m2 (40 to 80 people),
  • Wi-Fi access,
  • projectors, flipcharts, sound system, Wi-Fi access, catering facility.

In the Complex of High Technology Incubators in the Poznan Science and Technology Park, we support innovative entrepreneurs, offering specialised research equipment for lease, which is available in designated laboratories or laboratories leased by the customer within the area of the Poznan Science and Technology Park.

This service is especially designed for the needs of start-up and developing technology companies in the chemical, biotechnological, biological, genetic and related sectors. While renting high-quality, specialised research equipment, they do not incur the cost of equipment purchase and can start research on their ideas and technologies right away.

The range of the offered research equipment is divided into three categories:

  • Basic equipment – the equipment may be used once access to common laboratories is paid, without limitations or need to book and pay an extra fee. The equipment can be used only in general access laboratories.
  • Special equipment – the equipment must be booked and an extra fee is charged. Available only in the general access laboratories.
  • Portable equipment – the equipment must be booked and a fee is charged. The equipment is rented in the customer’s laboratory within the area of the Park.

Our tenants are provided with, but not limited to, coolers, incubators, centrifuges, balances and autoclaves with various parameters.
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