About Us

A high-quality infrastructure, qualified team of specialists and a high-tech server room. These are the elements that distinguish us. We support the development of technological companies from such branches as IT, biotechnology, chemistry and physics. We are a trustworthy
and reliable partner for entrepreneurs, science and research centres and consortia. We help them implement new technologies, provide research services and make laboratories available for preferential rates. We support researchers in commercialisation of the results of their studies. We combine business and science by supporting development and investments.

Laboratory and IT facilities

With regard to the development of innovative companies, we created the biggest laboratory complex in Poznan. On the area of 4500m², there are laboratories equipped with specialist devices, offices, modern and safe data centres and conference halls. We offer laboratory spaces for lease (of an area of 30m² or 50m²), and we have a science and research infrastructure, where our scientists develop new technologies and provide research services. In the High Technology Incubators Complex of Poznan Science and Technology Park, there are, among others, the Biotechnology Centre, the Laboratory of Chemical Processes Optimisation and the Laboratory of Supercritical CO2, which are all professionally equipped.

We are a part of something bigger

The High Technology Incubators Complex is a part of Poznan Science and Technology Park. Here, in one place, there is not only modern infrastructure, but also experts ready to help in every aspect of science and business activity. We offer a package of pro-innovative services, including opinions on innovativeness and technology valuation. We take care of researchers, who would like to commercialise the results of their studies. Our experts provide professional support on every stage of this process – we provide care of our representative, we help in obtaining funds for science and research activities and we take legal care of intellectual property protection, licensing and transferring of copyrights. As a scientific unit, together with researchers, we implement many research projects. We help in obtaining funds for studies, development and innovations by conducting courses and training concerning grants in the “Horizon 2020” programme.

We also take care about our employees and tenants. On the area of the Poznan Science and Technology Park, there is a kindergarten, in which children, while supervised by qualified teachers, play, learn and explore the world thanks to an original educational programme. We also created the Imagine_Lab, which familiarises children and adults with science.
The creation of the High Technology Incubators Complex is a project implemented with the support granted from the funds of the Innovative Economy Operating Programme within the scope of Activity 5.3. The programme supports widely understood innovativeness and the aim of the support is to provide access to complex services for entrepreneurships willing to implement new solutions and researchers willing to start business activity.