PPNT DataCenter

Our 120 sqm server floor is a room for 6 rows of 10 server cabinets each, with 600 mm × 1200 mm floor base and height of 47U, in 3-zone arrangement. Seismically stable location protected with a thick fire wall, zero windows and elevation above flood level Its safety guarantee top safety.

The cooling system is conducted directly to the servers by means of air-conditioning and fine ventilation, combined with the free cooling technology.

The server room is equipped with the VESDA smoke and fire detection and alert system, complete with an automatic HFC 227 gas extinguishing system (equivalent to FM200 – environmentally neutral, electronic equipment thermal shock safe, no sedimentation or contamination after use).

Take advantage of the PPNT DataCenter services


  • The precision air-conditioning system has been delivered and installed by Emerson Network Power, a global leader in powering and precision air-conditioning;
  • Three independent cooling and chiller units of 800 kW total cooling power;
  • Recovery of 550 kW of heat for office heating purposes;
  • Server room temperature at 22°C ±1°C;
  • Precisely redundant air-conditioning N+1;
  • Traditional inflow from below of the technical floor Emmerson HPM;
  • Modern ceiling suspended XDOs

High availability policy:

  • Each server cabinet is powered with two separate lines supplied from two separate power cords, split in the switching station section.
  • The server room will automatically and fluently switch to emergency UPS power in case of power failure on both cords. It will trigger the power generators to overtake the power supply functions within few minutes;
  • Network services shall be provided redundantly from two independent devices operating in the HA cluster;
  • All cooling devices are arranged in a redundant manner.

Power security:

  • Two dedicated transformer stations MV/LV (medium to low voltage) 15kV/0,4kV;
  • Two independent power generators 460 kVA each, four independent UPS devices 200 kVA each;
  • Double power line for each rack cabinet after UPS;
  • Each rack cabinet fitted with two three-phase power strips 3x32A, allowing single cabinet supply with a maximum power of 4.5 kW.

Telecommunications security:

  • Independent connections from three providers: Pozman, Maverick and PIX;
  • No restrictions of routing to subnetworks;
  • Redundant delivery of all connections with optic cables;
  • Network structure based on two separate lines;
  • Server connections terminals available either with optic or twisted pair cables.

Building security:

  • Two independent access roads;
  • Low traffic;
  • Multi-level access control;
  • Entrance via an air lock;
  • 24/7 building security and access control;
  • Intelligent building management system;
  • CCTV surveillance system (in- and outdoors);
  • Zone access control with proximity cards and biometric readers.

Rack cabinets:

  • Capacity: 1500 kg
  • Height: 47 U
  • Dimensions: 600 x 1200 mm
  • Cabinets fitted with filling boards

Internet connection

  • Symmetrical Internet connection with a capacity from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbit.
  • Redundant connection to DataCenter network infrastructure within the HA cluster.
  • Traffic filtering service (Firewall) and listing of secure VPN communication channels.
  • Entirely flexible traffic filtering policy performed with dedicated network devices.
  • Public IPv4 and IPv6 address allocation, as well as the possibility of announcement of the client’s own address pool.


  • Collocation of devices in a 19’’ rack cabinet, dimensions 600 x 1200 mm, including double-track powering.
  • Possibility to rent a single U or an entire server cabinet.
  • Possibility to separate cabinets in a detached and dedicated zone.
  • Rental of shelves or fixing angles for non-standard hardware.
  • Connection of power supply from the grid via Automatic Switch for customers with devices equipped with a single power supply.
  • 24/7 monitoring of hardware status and storage of certain spare parts (300 x 300 mm container).
  • ‘Remote hands’: a round-the-clock performance of additional works by the DataCenter staff. This service includes simple manual handling of hardware, parcels receipt and installations, as well as modifications of devices (subject to delivery of the specifications needed).

Advanced monitoring

  • Advanced monitoring with detailed statistics reporting and service status.
  • Access to dedicated monitoring system and supervision provided by the DataCenter staff who inform the predefined contact persons in the case of an alert.


  • Rental of virtual servers operating in the VMWare vSphere environment in a high availability cluster.
  • Dedicated parameters of virtual hardware (to 16vCPU and 128GB RAM / VM).
  • Data of virtual hardware are stored in highly efficient arrays EMC VNX equipped with 3 types of hard drives (SSD, SAS, SATA) and efficiency optimising technologies, such as Fast Cache or AutoTiering.
  • Possibility to rent hardware complete with Microsoft software licenses – Windows Server, MS SQL, Exchange and other.
  • Our services are tailored to the most discriminating customer needs.

Customer system administration services

  • Client systems administration – Active Directory, MS SQL, Linux and other
  • Our staff are experienced in large environment management (1000+ users in a multi-domain forest)
  • Availability of administration service hour packages at good rates