The Biotechnology Centre

The Biotechnology Centre of PSTP is a modern laboratory base offering know-how allowing for the use of the latest scientific achievements in the industry as well as developing microbiological researches.

Advantages of the Biotechnology Centre

The Biotechnology Centre specialises in a wide range of microbiological services and examinations of food, feed, cosmetics and household chemicals as well as air, working spaces and liquids. The Laboratory can help in creation of a product control system within the scope of microbiological safety and will reduce the risk of microbiological contamination. In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we offer a training programme prepared to take into consideration the individual needs of the customers.

The Biotechnology Centre using scientific equipment as well as accommodation resources is a strategic partner for private companies, science and research institutes and consortia.

Piotr Gulewicz PhD
phone: + 48 61 62 72 108

The Biotechnology Centre uses the latest methods of modern biological sciences in order to obtain new enzymatic products and microorganism strains for the production of various products. Detailed tasks include production of ingredients for functional foods, production of cheap and easy-to-use biosensors to be used in food diagnostics and environmental protection, elaboration of new environmental protection technologies.

  • We grow microorganism cultures for companies and research and development centres.
  • We produce and clean bio-products.
  • We grow microorganisms for food production, health protection, environmental protection, animal breeding and feed production purposes. The microorganisms include probiotic bacteria and strains that are able to effectively produce specific bio products.
  • We optimise culture processes.
  • We create products that are microbiologically consolidated.
  • We optimise the composition of microbiological media.
  • We develop products of improved nutritional and health properties.
  • We are willing to conduct other activities from the scope of R&D upon consultation with the customer.

We are ready to start cooperation regarding the biotechnological research and development branch!

  • Rules of working in a laboratory accredited by the ISO 17025 standard, validations, documentation, metrology,
  • The ISO 9001 quality management system, the ISO 22000 food security system, HACCP,
  • Assessment and interpretation of supervision and constant monitoring results of microbiological quality,
  • Methodology of sampling for microbiological examination purposes,
  • Customer audits and solutions in a crisis situation of exceeding the permitted microbiological values.

The resources of the Biological Workshop are composed of two sets of devices, one for the branch of microbiology and the other for industrial biotechnology.
The set of devices for microbiological services is composed of:

  • A set of incubators of capacities of 115, 170, 260, 400 dm3. Organism incubation and heat-sensitive media-conditioning processes or heating for microbiological applications may be done with the use of an incubator of a capacity of 115, 170, 260 or 400 dm3. The incubator of the 170 dm3 capacity has an IR sensor which controls the concentration of CO2. The chamber of the incubator is heated from six sides at the same time, which allows for maintaining stable and unified temperature without the need of using enforced air circulation.
  • A set of 2 air shakers with photosynthetic lightening. The machine allows for simultaneous shaking from 187 of 10ml flasks to 6 5000 dm3 flasks. Programmable drivers automatically change the temperature, speed as well as photosynthetic and disinfecting UV lights within the programmed time periods.
  • Tri-stand set for membrane filtration with a pressure pump. A multi-stand set for liquid filtration related to membrane processes. The set is designed for fraction, densification and defiltration processes. The equipment allows for conduction of research and development works related to microorganism cultures, allowing for higher productivity of the biomass.
  • A Stomacher peristaltic homogeniser. Sterile and quick homogenisation without the risk of contamination, possibility of diluting and filtration of shredded samples: 2-speed modules: constant and changeable – within the scope of 6 to 9 cycles per second. The homogeniser allows for conduction of sterility tests, food bacteria analysis, clinical and veterinary analysis and food samples analysis.
  • A fluorescent microscope with a reversed optical system.

The set of devices for industrial biotechnology services is composed of:

  • A set of bioreactors of capacities of 2.5-14.0 dm3; 7.0-19.5 dm3; 65 dm3; 125 dm3
    and 2-5 dm3 together with the BioCommand software. The Biotechnology Centre also has a fully operational line of bioreactors for bacteria, yeast and other fungus cultures of the following capacities: 2.5-14.0 dm3, 7.0-19.5 dm3, 65 dm3, 125 dm3 and 2-5 dm3 together with the BioCommand software. All machines have equipment, which allows the user to have complete control over the parameters of the process (pH/DO), the flow to 4 gases (air/O2/N2/CO2), the filling level and other parameters significant for the processes occurring in the culture. They may be used to grow batch cultures, fed-batch cultures and continuous cultures in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. The BioCommand software allows for monitoring, supervision and recording of data obtained from culture processes in bioreactors.
  • A continuous centrifuge and membrane separation systems. Quick separation processes and separation of biological and pharmaceutical mixtures on a laboratory or pilot scale may be done with the use of the continuous centrifuge with a tube at a constant speed of 20000 rpm. The capacity of the chamber is up to 2dm3, total flow volume – 20-75 dm3 of the mixture. It is possible to work with volumes even up to 500 dm3 in the case of small density of the mixture. The set for membrane filtration with a 10 dm3 bowl is perfect for fractionating substances composing a reaction mixture or a post-culture liquid.
  • A laboratory centrifuge with a cooling system. Capacity of up to 4 x 750ml (max. 24 000g). Thanks to the wide range of rotors and accessories, the machine may be used in diagnostics biotechnology, molecular biology, quality control laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry. The machine’s cooling system operates within the range from -20°C to +40°C.
  • A vertical autoclave of a capacity of 190 dm3. The autoclave allows for fully automatic conduction of steam sterilisation of materials, such as liquids, solids or semi-liquids/waste. It may also serve as a Field-Koch chamber.
  • Additional equipment: a laminar flow cabinet, a low-temperature freezer, centrifuges.