The photovoltaic laboratory

  • provides innovative solutions to companies concerning production and management of sun-generated electricity,
  • combines scientific studies with implementation of projects,
  • helps optimising costs of electricity consumption,
  • provides individual solutions for specific needs of the Customers.

The laboratory is equipped with:

  • Photovoltaic Energy Blocks composed of poly- and monocrystalline photovoltaic modules, inverters and workstation machines (programmable monitoring, steering and synchronising modules), which create four research installations of 10 kW power each.
  • Services and Steering Centre is a technological platform that uses high-tech ITC equipment with integrated managing software, which is used to supervise operation of the Laboratory’s research installations and which supports optimisation of costs of electricity consumption.
  • We conduct audits of the process of purchasing and delivering electricity.
  • We prepare programmes for lowering costs of electricity consumption.
  • We adjust measurement and billing systems professionally.
  • We provide services of monitoring and optimisation of electricity consumption costs.
  • We modernise measurement and billing systems.
  • We provide services of connecting photovoltaic systems to distributed systems.
  • We provide services of connecting photovoltaic systems to territorially dispersed electroenergetic industrial installations for the end users.
  • We sell and provide electricity generated in photovoltaic generators.
  • We organise conferences and seminars on the optimisation of costs of electricity consumption and electricity generation in photovoltaic installations.
  • We organise courses and workshops on the use of photovoltaic technologies in order to improve the energetic efficiency of industrial end users.
  • We cooperate with industrial parks and technology centres within the scope of development of a photovoltaic research infrastructure used for transferring scientific innovations to the industry.

Simulation modelling of conditions and factors determining spatial distribution and effective use of photovoltaic energy blocks
Aims of the project:
demonstration of innovative solutions and testing new services within the areas of electricity use management and energy consumption cost management.

An intelligent management system concerning consumption of electricity generated in an innovative photovoltaic power plant and in electricity grids
Aims of the project:

  • Spatial and economic models of locations of energy intake for industrial recipients.
  • An analysis of interdependencies between energy production processes and energy consumption.
  • A map of infrastructural and geo-environmental localisations of energy intake for industrial recipients
  • Functioning of territorially dispersed photovoltaic energy blocks and an ICT technological platform.

Optimisation of energy consumption costs of recipients using diversified sources and electricity generation, storing and distribution systems.
Construction of an experimental Photovoltaic Energy Plant of an innovative dispersed architecture, managed by the Services and Steering Centre of the Photovoltaic Laboratory.